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AMD Unveils Smaller and Efficient Chips at CES Rival Intel and Nvidia

Ryzen CPU Chips

AMD on wednesday disclosed its next-generation smaller and power-efficient PC  chip. It aims at larger rivals Intel firm and Nvidia firm.

Chief officer Lisa Sugave gave  a preview of AMD’s third-generation Ryzen processor chips for desktop users.


Lisa Su, president and CEO of AMD, holds up a 3rd generation Ryzen desktop processor during a keynote address at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas. Reuters.

The Ryzen processor chips will  be launched by the middle of this year. Additionally, they will bolster Intel’s computer processors performance.

AMD can begin shipping its Radeon VII (seven) graphics chips, that contend with Nvidia’s gaming chips, from 7 February and therefore the next generation of EPYC server chips in mid-2019, Su said.

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All the 3 chips support  AMD’s new 7 nm producing technology . This technology  packs additional transistors on smaller chips and boosts performance at lower power.

AMD last year mentioned that it might quit developing such advanced producing techniques. In turn they would join hands with  suppliers like Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing Co Ltd. It is an enterprise which analysts believe is creating 7nm chips for Apple.


Lisa Su introduces the Radeon VII, a 7nm gaming graphics card during a keynote address at the 2019 CES. Image: Reuters

AMD’s EPYC server chips and therefore the Ryzen processor chips  support Zen a pair of design.

Intel  Chips

For Intel, which has featured production delays for its 10nm-based chips, this might mean a loss of market share to AMD, analysts have aforementioned.

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Intel has aforesaid it expects to ship 10nm computer chips later this year and 10nm server chips early next year.

During the keynote, Su showed that Ryzen III consumed 30 % less power than Intel’s Core i9 processor chip.

Intel, the world’s biggest maker of computing chips for private computers and information centres, has been a frontrunner in manufacturing the tiniest chips up to now however recently lost its title to Taiwan Semiconductor.

Su also announced that Alphabet Inc’s Google was partnering to use AMD’s Radeon graphics chips on its recently declared game streaming service, Project Stream.

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