AMAZY — A Unique NFT Project that is Destined to Grow

AMAZY continues to gain more popularity and recognition thanks to the team of experts and professionals with many years of experience in the crypto field. The project is one of its kind that presents a double opportunity to everyone by allowing members to stay fit and earn at the same. Dubbed as “the perfect choice for crypto beginners”, AMAZY is taking the crypto space by storm with its jaw-dropping benefits.

What is AMAZY?

AMAZY is a fitness app with game-fi attributes. The app was solely developed for simultaneous benefit (staying fit and earning at the same time). The process is simple, all that is required is to walk or jog in exclusive NFT sneakers and earn AMT tokens

What is NFT?

NFT (a non-fungible token) is a financial security that contains vital information stored in a blockchain. With its ownership recorded in blockchain, NFT is transferable and can be bought and sold like any other physical art.

AMAZY Gaining More Popularity

General acceptability is one of the biggest problems facing NFT projects, the problem is caused as a result of many fraudulent projects and misleading elements in the world. To earn the public’s trust and create more awareness about this project, AMAZY partners with reputable brands and individuals. Upon securing the partnerships, AMAZY is fast becoming a name to reckon with as a result of renowned backers and partners that champion the promotion of the project.

AMAZY Becoming a Constantly Growing Community

After gaining more recognition and popularity, there’s a sudden increase in the number of people showing interest in joining this amazing community (AMAZY) where NFT is combined with Sports.

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