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Altrucoin: Community-Driven & Charitable Token Has Launched On Binance Smart Chain

The Altrucoin token has launched on BSC to strengthen the charities and ensure a safe and great value for token holders. The token holders can avail of massive incentives and long-term investment. The platform recently developed a Skating V2 App with the latest technology that enables you to purchase the token on Pancakes Wap. Since the token is charitable and community-driven, it offers most of its profits to various charities. 

To date, the platform has donated over 15,750 USD. Altrucoin is aiming to build robust decentralized infrastructure for charitable donations. It has implemented numerous cryptocurrency mechanisms to achieve its mission, including automatic liquidity pooling, deflationary tokenomics, yield production via reflection, and many more. Altrucoin runs by the core principles being: charity, decentralization, community, transparency, growth, and security. It offers ultimate security and protection to the holders and provides fairness and confidence to charitable donors. 

How Altrucoin is Different

Altrucoin has come up with distinct solutions to various issues. It provides solutions to various challenges such as centralized control, donations, low token usability, no primary use case, poor security features, and scams in smart contract codes. 

For each issue, Altrucoin provided a detailed solution. For Instance, it has launched Gnosis Multisig wallets that ensure safe wallets with high protection. The other two popular initiatives taken by the Altrucoin team are community-controlled donations and decentralized governance. The holders power the community, and no central government can interfere with the systems. 

Also, recently on September 20, 2021, Altrucoin hosted the funding event to help the International Animals Resource(IAR) with a mission to raise 10K for the “Rebuild the Refuge” project.

About Altrucoin 

Altrucoin is a community-driven charitable donations platform. It offers high security and colossal incentives to the holders. This Altrucoin project is a blend of a use case of trustless Defi lending and premium tokenomic systems. The major aim of Altrucoin is to eliminate the banks or middlemen for lending options. Instead, it focuses on sending the payment directly to the holders and charities by leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency systems. 


  • Transaction fee: 10%
  • Distributed to existing users or holders: 5%
  • Distributed to protocol development wallet: 1%
  • Distributed to locked liquidity pool: 2%
  • Distributed to charity wallet: 1%
  • Distributed to marketing wallet: 1%
  • Total burnt tokens: 300,589,705915,152





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