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Alethea AI Permits Meme Creator to Earn Crypto For Creating Funny Content


AI-based media platform Alethea AI has brought content creators on-board to incentivize them for creating funny memes. The platform has previously created deep fakes of British prime minister Boris Johnson, Presidential candidate Andrew Yang, as well as Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. Alethea also created a deep fake of Vitalik Buterin

As per reports, it has collaborated with the advocates of crypto’s DeFi (Decentralized Finance) initiative. In what is being called as synthetic content, content creators will be able to stake stablecoin Dai and earn interest. 

Alethea AI CEO, Arif Khan reasoned, “Being able to create a new source of income for the meme creators on our platform while ensuring that our users do not incur a loss, makes us really excited to see how the overall crypto industry will respond to this new no-loss way of sponsoring content and whether other content creators will adopt this methodology.”

How does this work?

Using Alethea’s technology content creators will be able to map faces and voices of personalities on to any form of media. Apart from this, users on the platform will also be able to contribute money to their favorite content creators, by using the interest they earn by staking Dai. Both users, as well as content creators, will be able to participate through something called Meme Pools. If you are wondering about how the interest is generated, it’s through a DeFi protocol called Compound. Finance.

Arif confirmed that Alethea will soon integrate Binance USD and Synthetic USD to incentivize users in the near future. 

Arif went on to add, “Meme Pools enables a new financing model for synthetic media. Inspired by the Pool Together model, we have developed our Decentralized App (DApp) to provide people with the ability to finance their favorite creator and synthetic productions.”


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