ALTAVA is Offering Brands Virtual Spaces to Share Their Stories 

The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 pandemic disrupted and fractured a plethora of industries, the retail and fashion industries, two of those sectors. Sending a clear message; digitalize or die, it opened many ways for businesses to scale further by leveraging technology. The adoption and use of cutting-edge technology did not only aid these businesses, but it also opened several opportunities for customers, introducing new concepts like virtual meetings, concerts, and live events, all under the umbrellas of Web 3.0 and Metaverse. 

The impact on the fashion and lifestyle industries cannot be overemphasized as both the way fashion products are consumed changed exponentially. At the forefront of this revolution is ALTAVA—a developing project that aims at leveraging advanced technology and partnerships with industry leaders to offer this new digital market specially curated compendiums of NFTs and virtual assets. Ensuring interoperability for its gamified social platform—ALTAVA; World of You— ALTAVA will hope to maximize the utility of these assets. 

Launched by Andy Ku, a reputable name and owner of Mstar—a virtual-based online game that focuses on fidelity—Andy successfully exited the company by selling it to Netmarble, one of Korea’s most prominent gaming platforms with a market cap of $6 billion. Additionally, one of the investors is married to the chairman of LVMH—a French-holding multinational corporation. 

ALTAVA—the Project Offering Brand Virtual Spaces 

Based in Singapore and with a strong presence in South Korea, ALTAVA is committed to enriching the World of Expressions in and beyond the metaverse, thus providing a seamless bridge for brands and customers alike. Through a suite of solutions, ALTAVA hopes to leave a positive mark in the industry. Some of these solutions include; 

ALTAVA; Worlds of You

With a firm belief that societal and physical pressures should not limit style and self-expression, this is why the project developers have enabled digital expression. Per the project whitepaper, digital expression exists expressly to multiple expressions in the metaverse, helping people curate, discover, and play with Worlds of You. Through AI facial recognition and customization tools, ALTAVA will offer users an enhanced reality where your avatar is an expression of yourself. 

ALTAVA Market 

According to the development team, the ALTAVA Market is where users can seamlessly buy and trade their NFTs and other digital collectibles as both secondary and primary purchases. On the primary market, the ALTAVA team reveals that they would host private auctions to showcase newly released NFTs to potential buyers. The secondary market, on the other hand, will allow NFT holders and potential buyers to sell and buy previously owned NFTs conveniently. 

As a group, ALTAVA aims to democratize access to luxury items through the offering of virtual assets that, on a probability level, may not have a physical twin. A democratic-run platform like most of the others in the blockchain space, ALTAVA Market’s pricing and value are determined by the community. 

To see the digitalization of the fashion industry come to fruition, ALTAVA has partnered with a ton of brands in the budding industry. Currently, plans are underway to partner with some of the big NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Binance, Rarible, Nifty Gateway to distribute a certain percentage of limited series NFTs. 

The TAVA Token 

Like most of the other projects in the space, ALTAVA has created and launched a native token, TAVA. This utility-replete token will be the base currency for the ALTAVA Market and ALTAVA: Worlds of You. 

TAVA will serve as a ticket to access some private and exclusive NFTs and digital assets. 

With recent partnerships with Prada and Balmain and a co-founder who’s deep into the world of fashion, ALTAVA is ready to pioneer a paradigm shift in the fashion and lifestyle sectors. 

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