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After the listing on UNISWAP, Sensitrustrewards Liquidity Providers through

Sensitrust LTD is a hi-tech startup incorporated in the United Kingdom, that is implementing an online platform where customers and professionals get in touch, strengthen their network, make deals, and design new projects, in a totally remote environment. Sensitrust usesthe Blockchain to reliably track every phase of their activities in a transparent and immutable way, while using advanced Artificial Intelligence methods tosupport the identification of optimal matching between customer’s needs and professionals’ skills and to automatically review the quality of products/services offered by the professionals.

Sensitrust will support three main scenarios, namely the possibility to hire professionals from a catalog, the participation to an activity as a professional and the so-called Call to action, to easily find a decentralized complimentary team to realize complex projects. In all the scenarios, the AI engine will play an important role, since it will improve the efficiency, the effectiveness of the working practices, as well as the safety of negotiations and transactions in a decentralized environment.

Sensitrust will also help people to establish and grow their professional network. Early professionals will have the opportunity to collaborate with well-established professionals and acquire skill points when they work on real activities.

Sensitrust has its own native ERC20 utility token, called SETS, that will be used to buy the services offered by Sensitrust at a discounted rate. Sensitrust services accessible through the SETS tokens include:

  • Access to more qualified professionals (as a customer)
  • Access to more job opportunities (as professional)
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Advanced platform consultant, based on both AI and human experts
  • Stronger guarantees on products and services
  • Access to in-platform training material
  • Membership Subscriptions (all-inclusive packages)

SETS is currently listed on UNISWAP, where everybody can buy and sell SETS or add liquidity. Moreover, a Geyser has been deployed at to reward liquidity providers with SETS tokens. The Geyser has been initially funded with 250k SETS that are being distributed to liquidity providers over 90 days since February 7th, 2021. A 2x multiplier has been set for liquidity providers holding their stake for at least 60 days. Sensitrust has also already planned to fund their Geyser with additional tokens as soon as the end of the reward period is approaching. A comprehensive tutorial has also been published on Medium.

Follow their updates on, as well as on Twitter (@sensitrust) and Telegram (@sensitrust_eng_chat).

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