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Dragon Ball Super Filler List – The Original and Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Filler List

Dragon Ball Filler List are one of the most searched ones on the internet. So if you are looking to watch this anime,

It is important to know the episodes which are included in the Dragon Ball Filler List.

Every 90s kid is familiar with this name. Dragon Ball (Dragon Ball Super Filler List is a japanese manga that goes way back before 2000 and is written by the Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama.

It won’t be wrong to say that the Dragon Ball franchise gets the credit of popularising the anime industry worldwide.

If you are stuck at home, then this is the perfect time to binge-watch Dragon Ball z.


Dragon Ball Super Filler List – Check Out Now


There’s a high chance that every anime fan started his or her journey in the world of anime with Dragon Ball being their first show. 

The anime adaptation of the Dragon Ball manga skyrocketed it’s popularity to an unbelievable extent.

Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball, or the ‘Big 3’ as they are called undoubtedly took the manga and anime industry by storm and Dragon Ball definitely is the biggest among them in a lot of terms. 

The craze about this show is the real thing. This franchise has 4 anime installments. The first and the original one was released back in 1986.


Dragon Ball Filler List – The Original 


For a period of three years, between the original dragon ball z ran the anime world with 153 chapters. 

Out of it, the number of fillers to be added to the dragon ball z filler list was only 23. 

Hence, this contributed to only fifteen percent to the dragon ball z filler list. So which were all those episodes added to the Dragon Ball Filler List?  

Let’s have a look at it. 


Dragon Ball Super Filler List Episodes


The episode of the show which is first in the queue to be added to the dragon ball z filler list is the 29th one. 

Thus, the first to secure its place in the dragon ball z filler list is “The Roaming Lake”. It was released on September 10th  of 1986. 

The second to make it to the dragon ball z filler list was “Pilaf and the Mystery force”. This was the 30th episode of the show, released a week later. 

Next to make it to the chart was the 31st episode of “Wedding Plans”, followed by “The Flying Fortress- Vanished” and “The legend of a Dragon.” 

This was followed by eight canon episodes.  


Filler Episodes 1986 


“The Secret of Dr. Flappe”, which was the 42nd episode also was included in the dragon ball z filler list. 

This was also the last one to make it to the dragon ball z filler list in 1986. 

The first chapter to make it to the dragon ball filler list in the succeeding year was “Terror and Plague”. “Goku vs Sky Dragon”, “Goku goes to the demon land”, “The Rampage of InoShikaCho” , “Which Way to Papaya Island” also became part of the dragon ball z filler list


Filler Episodes 1988-1989


The first-ever part of the anime to acquire a place in the dragon ball filler list in 1988 was “Quicker Than Lightning”.

Some of the other episodes that were added in the same year to the dragon ball filler list include “Secrets of Woods”, “The Time Room”, “Goku’s Doll”, “Walking Their Own Ways” and “Hotter than Lava”.  

The original Dragon ball z was set to stop with 130 episodes but additionally, the anime runners added 23 more episodes due to its high vogue. 

The last five episodes to make it to the Dragon Ball Filler List are the following:-

  1. Dress in Flames 
  2. The Fire Eater
  3. Outrageous Octagon
  4. Mystery Of The Dark World
  5. The End, The Beginning


All the above-listed fillers were released in 1989.


Dragon Ball 4th Installment 


Even when the original series ended back before the 2000s, several installments of dragon ball z have been made. 

The fourth installment is Dragon Ball Super and it aired from 2015 to 2018. 

The first episode aired on 25th of July,2015 and the last episode aired on March 25th, 2018. This also had its own filler episodes. 

Compared to other anime shows like Naruto and Baruto, the percentage of new dragon ball super filler list is lower- only about 11%.

It had an overall of 131 chapters with only 14 filler ones.

Out of these, episodes 4,15, 42 to 46, 68to 70, and 73 to 76 were included in the dragon ball super filler list


Dragon Ball Super Filler Episode 


The fourth episode to make it to the dragon ball super filler list as “Aim for The Dragon Balls! Pilaf Gang in Action!”. 

Some of the other episodes that made it to the dragon ball super filler list are provided below:-

  1. Make a Miracle, Satan the Hero! A challenge from Outer Space
  2. Trouble at the victory celebration! Showdown at Last?! Monaka vs. Son Goku
  3. Goku’s “Ki” is out of COntrol?! Looking After Pan is A Lot of Trouble
  4. Seal Of Planet Potofu-Secret of the Superhuman Water is Unleashed


Additionally, there were nine more episodes that were included in the dragon ball super filler episodes. 


Watch Dragon Ball z: Get to know Dragon Ball z super filler list of arcs 


Dragon Ball z super has a total of 6 arcs that take place after the Kid Buu saga (Dragon Ball Z). 

These arcs are listed as follows:-

  1. God Of Destruction Beerus arc
  2. Golden Frieza arc
  3. Universe 6 arc
  4. Copy Vegeta arc
  5. Future Trunks arc/Black Goku arc
  6. Universe survival arc

These six arcs overall cover the whole of Dragon Ball Super filler episodes. Most of these arcs are canon, i.e. they follow the happenings in manga. However there is 1 anime only arc or a filler arc. 

There are also some Dragon Ball Super filler episodes.


Dragon Ball Super Arc Fillers 


Here we will discuss these episodes and point out the Dragon Ball Super fillers so you can decide whether to watch them or skip them accordingly. 

Here is the list of filler episodes/arcs of the fourth installment of the Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Super:

  1. In the first arc of Dragon Ball Super, i.e. the God of Destruction Beerus arc, a total of 4 episodes are fillers i.e. episodes 3,4,10 and 11. 3 more filler episodes are present after the end of this arc which are episodes 15,16 and 17.
  2. The Golden Frieza arc has no fillers so skipping any episode of this arc isn’t recommended.
  3. The next arc, i.e. the Universe 6 arc has only a single filler episode, episode no. 30.
  4. Episode 41 marks the end of Universe 6 arc which is followed by a small arc that is completely a filler arc. The Copy Vegeta arc has 5 episodes which are all fillers.
  5. Future Trunks arc or Black Goku arc has episode 52 as the only filler episode in this arc.
  6. Following the Black Goku arc, episodes 67-76 are all filler episodes and can be skipped.
  7. Episode 77 marks the beginning of the final arc of Dragon Ball Super and this arc only has 2 filler episodes, i.e. episode 90 and episode 91.


Conclusion – Dragon Ball Super Filler List


Dragon ball super fillers can sometimes be disliked by the anime lovers. This is because it comes as an extraversion. 

Most anime lovers like to stick to the original manga episodes. 

So knowing the Dragon Ball Super filler can definitely help you filter out manga ones from the newly formed ones. 

Dragon Ball Filler List will give you an idea about which episodes are fillers and which are canon. 

Also watching fillers doesn’t do any harm so it’s best not to skip any episode of this super awesome shounen anime series. 

If you have any further inquiries about the article, please feel free to contact us. You can also keep in touch with your comments. 

So stop surfing and start watching, now you know the Dragon Ball Super Filler List.

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