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A guide to the most popular shonen anime series’ fourth installment: Dragon Ball Super Filler List!

Dragon Ball Super Filler List

Dragon Ball is a name hidden from almost no one, unless ofcourse if someone hasn’t been living under a rock for years. Every 90s kid is familiar with this name. Dragon Ball (Dragon Ball Super Filler List)is a japanese manga that goes way back before 2000 and is written by the Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama. It won’t be wrong to say that the Dragon Ball franchise gets the credit of popularising the anime industry worldwide. There’s a high chance that every anime fan, started his or her journey in the world of anime with Dragon Ball being their first show. The anime adaptation of the Dragon Ball manga skyrocketed it’s popularity to an unbelievable extent. Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball, or the ‘Big 3’ as they are called undoubtedly took the manga and anime industry by storm and Dragon Ball definitely is the biggest among them in a lot of terms. The craze about this show is the real thing. This franchise has 4 anime installments. The fourth installment is Dragon Ball Super and it has a total of 131 episodes that aired from 2015 to 2018. The first episode aired on 25th of July,2015 and the last episode aired on March 25th, 2018. It has a total of 6 arcs that take place after the Kid Buu saga (Dragon Ball Z).

These arcs are listed as follows:

  • God Of Destruction Beerus arc
  • Golden Frieza arc
  • Universe 6 arc
  • Copy Vegeta arc
  • Future Trunks arc/Black Goku arc
  • Universe survival arc

These six arcs overall cover the whole of Dragon Ball Super episodes. Most of these arcs are canon, i.e. they follow the happenings in manga. However there is 1 anime only arc or a filler arc. There also are few filler episodes. Here we wilk discuss these episodes and point out the fillers so you can decide whether to watch them or skip them accordingly. Here is the list of filler episodes/arcs of the fourth installment of the Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Super:

  • In the first arc of Dragon Ball Super, i.e. the God of Destruction Beerus arc, a total of 4 episodes are fillers i.e. episodes 3,4,10 and 11. 3 more filler episodes are present after the end of this arc which are episodes 15,16 and 17.
  • The Golden Frieza arc has no fillers so skipping any episode of this arc isn’t recommended.
  • The next arc, i.e. the Universe 6 arc has only a single filler episode, episode no. 30.
  • Episode 41 marks the end of Universe 6 arc which is followed by a small arc that is completely a filler arc. The Copy Vegeta arc has 5 episodes which are all fillers.
  • Future Trunks arc or Black Goku arc has episode 52 as the only filler episode in this arc.
  • Following the Black Goku arc, episode 67-76 are all filler episodes and can be skipped.
  • Episode 77 marks the beginning of the final arc of Dragon Ball Super and this arc only has 2 filler episodes, i.e. episode 90 and episode 91.

Thus the fourth installment of Dragon Ball franchise has a low filler rate of 19%. Also watching fillers doesn’t do any harm so it’s best not to skip any episode of this super awesome shounen anime series.

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