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A Famous Crypto-YouTuber Shared his Experience of Investing in Bitcoin

After crypto plunge, Bitcoin enthusiasts monitor US stocks

Famous crypto YouTuber Martini Guy tweeted and shared his experience of buying Bitcoin in 2013. He said that he started investing in Bitcoin in 2013 and for the next four years he did not earn a single penny from that investment.

It took him four years to reach the breakeven point, finally in 2017. But from that point on, he never looked back, and in another 4 years, he was financially free. 

He motivated his audience and said that they did not need to worry if they had just started investing in Bitcoin or had been invested in Bitcoin for a couple of years, as it would definitely show results in the future. Keep going and you will make a profit.

Price analysis of Bitcoin in 2013

Bitcoin started the year 2013 at $13.28. In the first quarter of the year, it climbed to the $30 area, then surged in the last week of March. By the first of April, Bitcoin had crossed the $100 mark. 

Curious money aficionados and tech experts flocked to Reddit communities to learn how this new asset class, decoupled from any underlying physical commodity, could have any value at all.

After reaching a high of $1000 in November 2013, the price of one Bitcoin plummeted to roughly $530 by December. At present, bitcoin’s value is $38,634.98.


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