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A Dota 2 custom-game mode is slowly becoming this year’s most famous games

Dota 2 Game

A major storm currently hits the Dota 2 world. Are you wondering why? Well, it is because of a new Dota 2 custom-game mode which is designed via Drodo Studio. The recreation, Dota Auto Chess has earned one lakh concurrent players and racked up more than six lakh subscribed users.

The customized game is a tactical and strategic mixture of Dota custom-map and board game. The task of the player is to draft the hands of the heroes and combine them to upgrade them. The upgraded hands need to be deployed properly for the player to win several victories over eight other players in a one-on-one series of matches.

Dota Auto Chess has instantly become famous, with many concurrent players compared to other games such as Soccer Supervisor 2019. Moreover, Dota Auto Chess is free just like the original Dota 2 game.

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Let the fight of heroes begin!

Dota Auto Chess is not a simple game having just an 8×8 board similar to a chess board. The game inherits a lot of additional features from board games such as Hero Line Wars or Neuroshima Hex.

You will be drafted with the random hands of different heroes in every round of Dota Auto Chess. You have to deploy these heroes accordingly for them to fight computerized battles against one another. If you purchase a particular hero in the game, you will gain the ability to mix the hero into a much more powerful model. If you successfully own three different types of the same hero, you will get rewarded with a bonus of that particular kind of hero. Besides, each of the heroes races, with three such races fetching a bonus.

The captivating gameplay!

The game is timed, so you need to be quick. You will get 30 seconds to purchase and merge the hero. You will also need to keep a track on what the enemies are planning as there are just twenty of each hero you can have in the complete game. If other players successfully pull out and purchase items from your combo ahead of you, then your chances of success may lessen.

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This is why the game is complex. You are trying to defeat your enemies, trying to save gold to play in the upcoming rounds and side-by-side also counter-combo the things your enemies are doing.

It is indeed a captivating game, and each round plays so fast that you cannot help but keep on playing more and more. There is no need for you to be great at playing Dota 2 to win Dota Auto Chess. It automatically fights against enemies for you by utilizing all the heroes you have deployed. If you lose once due to a foul hand, you can then jump onto playing another match. All those fights against neutral creeps cause a rift in the fights against players. This, in turn, can fetch you bonus gold. This is why the pressure is not entirely on at all times.

If you wish to play Dota Auto Chess, you can find it on Steam or also in-game in the workshop of Dota 2.

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