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A Crypto Youtuber Shared his Views on the Falling Prices of Bitcoin

After crypto plunge, Bitcoin enthusiasts monitor US stocks

Famous Crypto YouTuber Crypto Rover recently tweeted and shared his views on the bitcoin price’s downfall.

He persuaded people to not get distracted by seeing the price fall of Bitcoin, as according to him, this is one of the biggest divergences since the evolution of Bitcoin.

He also shared that the adoption of Bitcoin is definitely on the rise, but the price is not following that.

And he is sure that prices will follow it and will go up. It’s just a matter of time.

It has been more than two weeks since Bitcoin’s price made any significant movements, and a price dip below $37,000 might further hamper a recovery rebound.

Bitcoin’s value plummeted to $36,520, a low last witnessed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. After the bitcoin price breached lower support around $37,200, the $40,000 barrier appeared to be a distant short-term fantasy for market participants.


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