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7 Interesting Casino Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Casinos are full of all kinds of secrets. Secrets have been hidden for as long as gambling has been invented. In modern times, much of these secrets can be things like the $1 deposit casino Canada or other bonuses. However, many interesting titbits to do with its history have already been uncovered, waiting for you to discover them. These facts can be something that can give you a greater appreciation for the casino world. Some of which could relate to you in some way, placing you at the heart of its growing industry. Here are 7 interesting casino facts you probably didn’t know. 

Casinos Originated in Italy

Much of what we know about casinos can be traced to more popular places like Las Vegas or China. However, the first actual appearance of an establishment that became known as a “casino” was in Italy. It was mainly used as a term that could describe places where people could play gambling games. The word “casa” means house, which was code for a “house of gambling.” Over time it was then abbreviated to a universal term which people called a casino. Casinos began popping all over Venice in 1638, where travellers would eventually learn about the term. 

British Casinos Grew Popular in London 

While it may not be as interesting to know that casinos grew popular in England’s capital, what is interesting is the evolution itself. The spa was the first place in the UK that became the gambling place to be. London began picking it up soon after and pouring more money into the houses, so much so that other businesses were eventually taken over in the process of making more and more casinos. London became the true gaming epicentre. 

$39.7 Million Was the Biggest Slot Machine Win

One of your main aims in gambling can be to win huge amounts of cash. For some, it is but a likely dream. For others, it can be life-changing. For one, it was the greatest moment of their lives. The max win that has been won from a slot machine was a massive total of $39.7 million. The casino itself was Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. The slot machine that this unnamed LA software engineer was playing was Megabucks, and it was a bet of $100.00. 

The Slot Machine Online Record Is at 17.8 Million Euros 

It is clear from the last fact that the US has one of the biggest gambling revenues in the world. For Europe, there are still many other places that have restrictions on gambling. Despite these odds, Europe and its surrounding areas still have big numbers when it comes to slot machines. The 17.8 million Euros is the biggest on record, and it was won all the way back in 2013. The player was in Finland as they played the game Mega Fortune. UK player’s highest win is at £13.2 million. 

Slot Machines Must Pay at Least 70%

RTP is an important factor when it comes to slot machines. RTP stands for Return to Player. It calculates the amount of money that can be paid back compared to how much has been wagered by players. It is a rule for all slot machines that they need to pay back at least 70% of the time. On average, most slot machines have an RTP rating between 94-98%. 

Slots First Appeared in 1887

Table games were among the first kind of casino games that came around. After all, they used nothing but cards or dice on a table in order to play. The evolution of the first slot machine dates back to 1887. The name of the game was Liberty Bell, and it was used with cards themselves on a rotary system within the machine. Video slots didn’t come until much later, but this was the first major step into creating an easy gambling game that anyone can figure out to play. 

This drastic change in the industry has led to many new professions, such as game reviewers. Erica Walter, a casino game reviewer, commented: “Isn’t it amazing to play slots online and do my job at the same time?”

The Longest Poker Game Went on for Eight Years

Poker is perhaps one of the main games that come to mind when you think about gambling. It takes skill, luck, memory and most of all, patience. As long as the players are willing to keep going, a single game can go on for weeks or months at a time. The longest recorded game was in 1881 in a basement of a theatre in Arizona, US. It was at this location that the same players would meet up and continue their game for up to eight whole years. Even though there were breaks, it was almost played on a 24-hour basis. The total prize pot was said to reach over $10,000,000. 

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