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7 Best Video Games releasing in 2020

If you are gamer then you must have heard the news that PlayStation 5
and Xbox project Scarlett console ahs announced their date to release in
What more intriguing is that 2020 is going to be a gaming hub year with
more than 200 games releasing this year.
There are not only new games but also some of the old games are
getting their sequel.
Let’s not make you wait any longer and hop on the list of the best video
games releasing in 2020.

1. Cyberpunk 2077

 PS4
 Xbox One
 PC
I am not being wrong if I am saying that cyberpunk is one of the
most awaited games this year.
Cyberpunk is the game that is created by the creators of The
Witcher 3. This game is one of the most intense, role-playing
science-fiction game.
This game comes with huge maps, the gameplay is smooth, and
the best part of this game is that it gives futuristic visuals.

2. The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild 2

 Nintendo switch
Nintendo has been a great platform, launching excellent games on
after another. Nobody can predict what step Nintendo will take this

year. Will it launch a new game this year? Or it will continue with
the old game this year?
The popularity of the game “ T legend off Zelda: breath of the wild
2” has gone over the charts. This is the reason why every fan is
eagerly waiting for the next sequel.

3. Halo infinite

 Xbox Scarlett
 Xbox One
 PC
This game was loved by many, but due to some technical issues
this game was bagged. Hoping for improvements, this game has
yet to surface again. It is considered that 2020 is the in which the
Halo infinite will regain its popularity.
It has been decided that this game will be launched alongside
Microsoft’s new project scarlet, with a new master chief in

4. Ghost of Tsushima

 Playstation 4
There are many games that are based on the PS4 but are out of
sight for many months. Ther is only two possibilities. One either
they have been transported to the newly launched PS5 or the
games are on upgrade.
One of the games that everybody is waiting for is nonother than
Ghost of Tsushima. It is an open-world game that set in the
Mongolian invasion of Japan.
In this game, you will have to take control of one of the samurai,
need to complete all the missions, stealth is utmost of importance.
If you are talking about stealthiness, you can follow the best spy
video games for a stealthier approach towards video games.

5. Diablo 4

 PC
 Xbox one
 Play Station 4
It is getting its sequel for the fourth time. It already has a 3
predecessor sequel, each has its own uniqueness.
Diablo 4 is a mix of Diablo 2 and 3. It combines the blizzard’s
crawler dungeons of the Diablo2 and the smooth gameplay of
Diablo 3.
This game has come up with new characters having uniques skills.
It is on eof the long-awaited game this year.

6. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

 PS4
 PC

Dragon Ball Z games were not that much exciting, but after a huge
success of the Dragon ball fighter Z, all other dragon ball Z games
become famous overnight.

There are many anime lovers who have grown up seeing this complete
anime (I am also one of them).
This game is published bt Bandai Namco and developed by the
developer of the naruto Shippuden series.

As the name suggests Dragon Ball fighter Z is based around the
protagonist character GOKU. In this, you can recreate all the legendary
and iconic battle that GOKU has fought. Not only that you are also free
to choose any character from the series.

7. Dying Light 2

 PS4
 PC
Dying light was a new sensation among gamers. The best part of this
game was that it came into the market when everybody was tired of
playing zombie games.

This game has a solid that was able to attract other gamers. It was
something new and everybody loved this game for its creative parkour

2020 is the year of the sequel of the Dying Light. Do you know who has
written the story of the dying light 2? It is nonother than RPG veteran
Chris Avellone. He was also the story writer of the famous game Fallout:
New Vegas, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

This has made the gamer much more interested in this game. And are
eagerly waiting for the new changes that the game has to offer.

Take away

If you are a gaming monk and is obsessed with different kinds of games,
then you must be well aware of 2020 as the gaming year. This year
there are tons of games that are scheduled to be launched.
From action games to RPG games, 2020 has got you covered in all

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