5 Ways to Make Money With Bitcoin

With the massive rise of Bitcoin over the past decade, it is not surprising that this cryptocurrency has become a popular channel for making money. Nevertheless, to leverage the power of this decentralized currency, you need the right strategies and an understanding of the cryptocurrency market. Here, we look at five ways to make money with Bitcoin.

1.   Bitcoin mining

The blockchain technology upon which Bitcoin was established relies on complicated mathematical equations to verify each transaction. By learning how to mine Bitcoin, you will be rewarded for every block of transaction you help complete. Bear in mind that crypto mining has become complicated over the years, and you will need to invest in powerful computing equipment to support these processes. Most importantly, you will need to join mining pools and clouds for a better fighting chance and assurance of regular earnings.

2.   Bitcoin trading

The highly volatile nature of Bitcoin means that its price can rise and fall dramatically, providing a channel for utilizing these short-term opportunities. However, before you get into Bitcoin trading, it is vital to acquire proper technical and analytical skills to better grasp how the market operates and its trading opportunities. You will also need to develop a trading strategy that best works for you, and some of the popular options to consider are:

  • Day trading, where you get to make short and quick trades over a day, aiming to take advantage of the constant market swings
  • Arbitrage trading, where you buy Bitcoin from an exchange offering it at a lower price and sell it at another trading platform for a higher price
  • Swing trading, where you buy Bitcoin and wait for your currency to increase in price before selling it without holding onto it for too long
  • Binary trading, where you get to bet on whether the Bitcoin price will rise or fall within a preset expiration time

3.   Buy and hold

One of the oldest strategies investors use to earn from different assets is the buy and hold method. Here, you get to buy and hold onto Bitcoin for as long as possible while waiting for the prices to rise before you sell your holdings. Keep in mind that this could mean waiting for weeks, months, or years before the price hits the highs you desire.

4.   Affiliate marketing

Today, many Bitcoin affiliate programs allow you to earn once you successfully bring in new customers. Essentially, you will be promoting Bitcoin and related products to your followers, friends, and family as you receive a decent commission from your links. Another closely related method that you can leverage if you are knowledgeable about the blockchain world is to run a blogging platform and earn from sponsored posts.

5.   Bitcoin lending

Several exchanges support crypto lending, where you get to loan out your Bitcoin holdings for an agreed-upon interest rate after a specific period. Since lending comes with its risks, it is vital to stick to credible lending platforms that have policies to guarantee your earnings.


While Bitcoin is not a source of easy money, strategically investing in these assets could turn out to be a lucrative venture for you.



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