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5 Reasons Millenials Shouldn’t be Afraid to Invest in the Stock Market

Does the thought of adulting send an overwhelming chill down your spine? You are interested in investing your money, but at the same time afraid to take the risk.

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Well, push away those negative thoughts because the stock market isn’t something that you should be frightened of. There may be financial regrets and traumas you’ve encountered during your young adulthood, but it’s not a valid reason to give up.

Every successful person who is popular today started from scratch. They were once a person who hides in the shadows, and are afraid to get out from their comfort zone. It’s as if the heat of the sun is killing them.

So, don’t let your fear of the stock market stop you from becoming financially stable. Here are the reasons that’ll motivate you to start investing in the stock market.

  1. You have choices

One shouldn’t worry too much about the path you’re going to take, because in the stock market the choices are limitless. For instance, when you still have a loan to pay, then you can minimize your investments until you settled your loan. It really depends on your financial stability and the other expenses you have to deal with. Once you have more dispensable cash, then you can then gradually increase your investment.

The more you risk, the shorter the time you have to wait for your success because you’re doing an action right now and it significantly affects your future. There’s a greater need for matching your investments objectives to the specific stock market you want to invest in.

You may want to learn everything with an adviser with you, but what you really need is to have background knowledge of your desired plan, before risking it all the way.

  1. Market inconsistency is common

The same with our economic status, the stock market’s volatility is really normal.

Relax. No need to worry about it. This aspect of investing is what most people are afraid of when in fact this scenario is normal. It is not as bad as you think it is. Yes, it can go pretty disastrous, but it will stabilize and definitely comes back more abundantly.

Of course, this concern of most Millennials is understandable since they have experienced more financial crisis than the other generations, especially during the early 2000s. But the lower the stock price gets, the more opportunity you have to purchase some stocks.

The co-founder of Pinkowski-Allen Financial Group, Lori Pinkowski explained that “The Market volatility creates opportunities for aspiring investors to purchase adequate businesses since the price is inexpensive.”

  1. Investing is for everyone

The most misunderstood idea about investing is that you have to be rich to go on this path, but it is absolutely wrong. As long as you have a stable disposable income, you’re qualified to invest and do this financial career.

Again, the presence of a financial adviser is not highly-recommended since you can do this on your own. Read books about the stock market, then you’ll understand the shortcuts and tricky loopholes of this one.

It’ll just cost you more to hire one, and there’s even no guarantee that the financial adviser’s suggestions will work.

  1. You still have time

The good thing about being a millennial is that you’re still young and there’s plenty of time for you to invest more. Ahead of you are more years to invest and plan on the financial goal you wish to pursue.

There no need to use your income every month, because the money you invest will grow over the course of time.

Albert Einstein once said that the compound interest is considered as the eighth wonder of the world. He who doesn’t understand it, pays it, while the one who understands it clearly, earns it.”


  1. Depend on yourself

f you’re thinking that your retirement can highly depend on the monthly pension from the government, you definitely have to think again because it will not be enough. You may think that you only live once but there is no knowing until when you will live.

Most individuals today always depend on what the government can offer to them, which is quite right, but it becomes toxic the moment you solely depend on them, not on your capabilities. You know that you’re capable of saving your money and invest it for future stability, but here you are doing nothing about it.

In addition, this is for your own sake, and you’re entitled to prepare these things when there is an emergency. Of course, you should rightfully take advantage of the separate pay your employer gets from your salary, but it’s safe to always have an investment.

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