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5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In The World !!

The world economy and finance are increasing. In those increasing stages, a new term also got associated, well! Not wholly new but bumped into the marketplace recently. After hitting into the economy, it started raining so much popularity, yes! I’m talking about “Cryptocurrencies.” With lots of perks and benefits, it began to rule over the monetary exchanges. Many financial experts say sooner, or later the world will adopt cashless transaction and economy will grow towards cashless too. There where cryptocurrency will help people to do transactions hasslefree.

People are not only started holding crypto; they started doing trading. This drastic demand bounds us to choose a safe and secure crypto exchange. After seeing considerable opportunities in crypto trading, lots of new users started trading. For them, security and information matter a lot and keeping everything like customer reviews, security features, number of users and much more in mind listing top 5 best crypto exchanges in recent times. After reading the information about the transactions, select which meets your criteria.

  • Binance – The most trusted and easy to trade crypto exchange. No need to say that the fastest growing exchange.
  • net – One of the best exchange in terms of service. It has some fantastic features on it. You can find more details about it on

Changelly – One of my personal favourite.

  • BitMex – Another fastest-growing exchange, best alternative of Finance for US user.
  • Huobi Pro – One of the oldest crypto exchange available in recent days.


This exchange is launched on 21st July 2017, after that this exchange never look back. World’s most secure and fastest growing exchange. There are almost 190 altcoins listed in this trade exchange. Binance, also introduced its coin called BNB to make your trade more comfortable and safe. Their app is also available in both iOS and Android format. The exchange charges are dirt cheap as up to 0.1%


It is another fastest growing crypto exchange offering quick conversation and trading. The security of this platform is quite fantastic. KuCoin has some DragonChain, $KCS, and many others to trade on its platform like Binance. It has fully working Android and iOS app to perform all transactions.


Tokens is another growing crypto trading platform. Also, you can hold multiple cryptos in this exchange. As like Binance, this app also supports various coins. So it will be easy for all of you to trade and earn your profit. They charge just 0.5% of each trade, which I guess is minimal for a platform like


BitMex is one of the highest used crypto trading platforms. It got created by crypto nomads, economist and a group of web developers. You will never encounter any crypto liquidity problem in this exchange. Not only BTC, but you can also trade coins like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin, Ripple. The fee is also minimal as compared to other exchange.

Huobi Pro

This exchange is created in China but supports all kinds of international transactions. It was in the list #3 of CoinMarketCap best exchange ranking. For trading more efficiently, it has both iOS and Android version of apps available.

Final Words –

Thank you for reading the article and let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite exchange from all over the world.

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