4 Reasons Not To Use iPhone or Android Devices in Infrared Saunas

4 Reasons Not To Use iPhone or Android Devices in Infrared Saunas

As the trend for the Infrared Sauna grows from Hollywood celebrity co-signs and exposure, so do the ‘little’ questions people ask.  As easy as it is to try something new, so is it to encounter potential problems that need solving. From the sauna life hipsters of today’s generation,  a frequent topic is the use of smartphones while ‘sauna-ing’ and sweating out toxins. While, yes you can technically try to go into the dry heat box with your $700 phone, maybe you won’t after this. Here are 4 reasons not to use iPhone or Android devices inside even the best infrared sauna money can buy.

#1 – You don’t have money like Lady Gaga or other Hollywood Stars

Okay, lets state the obvious for the first reason.  If anything should go wrong with your iPhone 9, 10, 11, 20, or 30 device, are you okay losing the money you paid for it?   If any part of that phone malfunctions due to the sauna, can you walk away feeling right? Will the sauna have done as good as it normally should or will you be stressed out losing that $700?  If stressed out is the answer, then you just lost your smartphone money and whatever was paid for your infrared sauna session. 2 birds, 1 stone, all against your favor. Is it worth it? No!

#2 – Moisture Will Ruin Your Smart Device

A conclusion drawn from users across various forums on the topic of saunas is ‘moisture is bad.’   The infrared models do not use moisture but when you sweat, that will be on your skin and evaporating from your pores.   How that may impact your iphone or android device is unclear but most tend to think it will be bad.

“I do lots of hot yoga, where the studio is similar to a sauna with a high temperature/humidity, and it’s not recommended to have your phone in the room as the humidity can damage the internals of electronics. One of my instructors ruined her iPhone by having it in class,” writes AshtonLay on the forum.

#3 – It’s Hot Boy!  No Lil Wayne

The portable infrared sauna are truly a hot box.   The temperature can range between 158° to 212° F (70° to 100° C) according to Wikipedia.  This is enough to do damage to any electronic in a relatively short time.

Apple iPhone models have been known to  have operating ambient temperatures of 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C).  Most electronic devices in general have a max operating temperature recommendation of d 35 – 40C.  This means there’s a huge risk from rise in temps once it’s in the infrared sweat box for 10 minutes.    If overheated, it’s not clear if the phone will do more than shut down. However, Apple makes it clear they do not support damage done by such decisions.

#4 – Radio Waves Go Against Health

Oh how addicting your iPhone or Android device is but it’s still not healthy. The entire purpose of going to the spa is to relax the body and mind.   The 10 minute experience can help lower your risk of heart disease, clear bad toxins from the bloodstream, lower stress levels & brain functionality, and even increase metabolism.  Your mobile device counteracts 3 to 4 of the healthy results from sauna sessions. If you keep your mobile device in a pocket close to your heart, then it’s 4 factors your smart device is working against, which the sauna is working for.

The Final Recommendation

Take a breather from your phone. Do not take it to the sauna.  About 95% of the reasons listed here are in favor of leaving your smart device in the car. Live your life, the old fashioned way for 10 minutes, see how you feel.  Perhaps you can get rid of the annoying Alien hand syndrome that happens whenever you don’t have a phone in-hand. Beyond that, perhaps you can avoid the 18 reasons your phone’s ruining your health as listed on

In favor of the phone, watch the video below to  learn 15 mistakes people make, which shortens the life of iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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