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3 ways digital marketing helps scale your cryptocurrency business

There’s no doubt that the general public is interested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and has an awareness of the bombastic blockchain technology that drives them.

However, if you’re launching a cryptocurrency company, you’ll have to find ways to connect with people with a passing interest and engage them for long enough to convert them to customers.

Enter digital marketing – an established discipline that harnesses data to engage with target audiences in endlesley inventive ways.

If you want sustained success, here are three ways digital marketing helps scale your cryptocurrency business.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Although powerful search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook no longer ban cryptocurrency adverts outright, following best practice for SEO can ensure that your website maintains a prominent search ranking and isn’t penalized in future. Since SEO is organic rather than paid, in the event that paid ads were forbidden in future, it can ensure you’ve still got an online presence.

Nowadays, good SEO means more than formatting your content in a way that search engines appreciate and peppering it with plenty of keywords – it has to be relevant to search queries, answer important questions and reward readers with an enriching experience.

For more information, read this Search Engine Journal article on white hat SEO to keep yourself on the straight and narrow.

  • Content

There’s an old digital marketing adage that says ‘content is king’ – but just because it’s ancient advice doesn’t mean that it’s not accurate.

Content covers creatively written copy, informative infographics, engaging videos, persuasive podcasts, guides that go into granular detail and much more. Therefore, you’ll need to develop a refined content strategy and deployment plan that serves up the most effective content formats to target customers at exactly the right times. 

With content, your approach should be educational and helpful rather than pushy and advertorial, and you have to speculate to accumulate by providing potential customers with lots of high-quality information for free. Follow these principles from the Content Marketing Institute and you won’t go far wrong. 

  • Holistic digital marketing

Most companies can benefit from a holistic digital marketing strategy which includes organic elements like SEO, content, paid adverts (PPC), website design that takes UX (User Experience) into consideration and pinpoint social media management which focuses efforts on the platforms where your target customers actually spend time.

So when you partner with a comprehensive digital agency like Maratopia, you can benefit from broad yet deep expertise in a number of effective disciplines – and strategic planning which allows you to play on your strengths but pivot when required to always achieve optimal ROI.

Unless you have the wherewithal to hire an in-house digital marketing team, working with a trusted partner agency is often the best approach. 

These three ways that digital marketing can help you scale your cryptocurrency business are simply the tip of the tech iceberg – but they’re brilliant ways to dip your toes in the water and grab great results reasonably rapidly.

So ends our list, but please share your own cryptocurrency digital marketing tips in the comments section! 

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