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2nd Edition RPA and AI in Financial Institutions Conference to enable Automation in Institutional Processes

RPA and AI in Financial Institutions

RPA and AI have been the main drivers in optimizing processes within financial institutions in recent years. Now, almost every institution has begun a programme to incorporate them into their systems. However, institutions need to ensure they devise an effective strategy and roadmap for RPA and AI to understand where they can best bring value and mature their programme to create a holistic approach across the enterprise.

The 2nd Edition RPA and AI in Financial Institutions conference will be held December 5-7, 2018, in London, UK and will enable institutions to identify the most suitable processes for RPA and AI automation and bring value to the business. The conference will cover the best strategies to identify the best processes for automation using RPA and AI technologies to demonstrate and quantify the value for senior stakeholders. You will learn the best ways to mature and scale your RPA and AI programme through effective governance, engagement of the workforce and working within the constraints of the existing legacy infrastructure. Finally, you will get examples of successful implementation and how to best move towards a hybrid workforce to ensure adoption while reducing costs.

See how AI initiatives, particularly machine learning, deep learning and text mining are actually currently applied in other financial institutions at the 3-day RPA and AI meeting coming to London this December. Join ABN AMRO, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, AXA Investment Managers and more to learn how to best mature your current RPA and AI initiatives in order to maximize value from the current investments and ensure that these do not become sunk costs.

If you are looking to gain a top-level insight into how your peers have built the capability to drive meaningful RPA propositions in the journey to AI, machine learning and chatbots don’t give this marcus evans conference a miss.

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