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2022 Might be The Year for LazyShiba As They Plan To Launch A Million Dollar Marketing Strategy.

A seeming impossibility can only be made possible with time, coupled with a good marketing plan. The anonymous developers of LazyShiba are overwhelmingly innovative, dedicated, and committed to making this project the best of its kind in a pool of cryptocurrencies. LazyShiba is the cute and lazy version of Shiba. The project’s goal is to become an icon in the NFT industry by being ranked among the 250+ cryptocurrencies. It aims at being recognized as a global success similar to what Safemoon, Shiba INU, and their likes have achieved. To achieve this, the developers are cautious enough not to follow the common trend in the Crypto Space by just launching a shit coin, NO. Through its strategic marketing effect, LazyShiba has covered milestones quickly. LazyShiba is recognized as a token with capacity, a supportive community of users, and a vastly diversified ecosystem. The project, launched in the Q4 of 2021, enjoyed wide acceptability as it has already reached the 5000+ token holders mark. 

What is LazyShiba 

LazyShiba is secure, transparent, anonymous, fast, and borderless. It is a community-owned blockchain-based platform where users are rewarded automatically. A redistribution award is granted to the community of users each time a transaction performed in its native token ($LazyShiba) is successful. The aim and objective of Lazyshiba is to, as a matter of priority, maintain the intuitive and decentralized nature of its structure and to establish itself as an industry leader in the emerging Decentralized Finance sector. This is what drives the LazyShiba project, i.e., providing a platform for people to freely utilize their crypto assets in a fully secure, seamless, and affordable online environment.

LazyShiba’s Innovative Marketing Strategy

LazyShiba has concluded plans on utilizing the great opportunities of 2022 to take over the Crypto market with a million-dollar marketing investment plan. Potential investors can be attracted when the right marketing strategies are deployed and timely. With their massive investments, these investors can provide tangible benefits to the project and impact the community. To achieve our marketing goal and attain greater heights as a community, 2% of every transaction will be invested in marketing and team. 

As a top priority, the team of developers is apt to build a formidable and robust community known as “LazyArmy.” This is essential to the success of the project. Additionally, our planned result-oriented and community-driven marketing strategy for the year 2022 will include:

  • Billboard Ads in multiple cities/countries
  • Articles on crypto-related news websites
  • Influencers partnerships on social media and video streaming platforms

LazyShiba Token

LazyShiba has its token, known as $LazyShiba. It is a BEP-20 reflection token that fosters and promotes the project’s widespread usage and decentralization through an automatic redistribution reward linked to users’ transactions involving decentralized wallets. LazyShiba allows 4% of all transactions (sell or transfer) to token holders, 4% gets added into the liquidity pool, increasing value for LazyShiba, and 2% of all transactions go to dev payments and marketing. There is a total supply of 5 Billion $LazyShiba in circulation.

Future of LazyShiba 

LazyShiba is an ever-evolving process. It will constantly witness innovations that enable holders to derive more value from the platform. Currently, there are a few ground-breaking features that are being developed but are in different stages of completion; they include:

  • A DEX lazyswap
  • Launching of the Pancakeswap NFT collection
  • A Lazywallet mobile App, and

other projects that have not yet been announced


There are lots of coins making waves; while some are dying off, a lot more are being released daily. However, investors are always on the lookout for the deployment of coins that can sustain value and have the capability of appreciating over time. One of such coins is LazyShiba. LazyShiba holds great potential for its users now and in the future.

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