123swap is the world’s first community-led, peer-to-peer crypto assets swap platform. It leverages the community-governed, transparent, and\r decentralised ecosystem for web 3.0.

Let’s have a look at 123SWAP token sale details:

  • Token Name 123swap
  • Ticker Symbol 123
  • Token Decimals 18
  • Token Background BEP-20 / ETH 20
  • Token Type Governance / Utility
  • Token Sale Date 2021 Q4
  • KYP/AML Required Depends on a platform where token sale happening requirements
  • Restricted Countries Depends on a platform where token sale happening requirements
  • Project Status MVP: Ready TEAM: Ready


  • SEED 5.4%
  • Private Sale 14%
  • Public Sale…
  • Liquidity 1.6%
  • Team / Advisors / Development 23.2%
  • Staking / Farming rewards 15.5%
  • Marketing / Bounty / Referrals 7.7%
  • Reserves 31%
Allocation Supply % Tokens Amount 123 price Raise in USD Lock Duration & vesting
SEED 5.4% 7.000.000 0.03 USD 210.000 6 months lockup followed 6 month equal vesting
Private Sale 14% 18.000.000 0.075 1.350.000 1 month lockup followed 5 month equal vesting
Public Sale 1.6% 2.000.000 0.12 240.000 50% unlocked followed 1 month vesting
Liquidity 1.6% 2.000.000     Unlocked
Team / Advisors / Development 23.2% 30.000.000     6 months lockup followed 36 month equal vesting
Staking / Farming rewards 15.5% 20.000.000     3 months lockup
Marketing / Bounty / Referrals 7.7% 10.000.000     1 month lockup followed 36 month equal vesting
Reserves 31% 40.000.000     12 months lockup followed 5 year equal vesting
Total 100% 129.000.000   1.800.000  



  • Total 123 Token Supply 136.000.000
  • 123 Token holders launch day 1.000.000
  • Initial Market Cap USD (launch day) 120.000


The funds raised through the private Pre-ICO will be put to the following purposes:

Tokens Amount from Private Pre-ICO

  • Team Formation
  • Beta version of product development
  • Advisors’ Formation
  • Public Sale Preparation

Funds raised through Public ICO will be used as follows:

Tokens Amount from Public ICO

  • If Hard Cap is Reached US$300000/year for 3years to be spent on Product development & Marketing
  • The majority of the fund portion will be used to meet operational expenses like Office Rental, Utility expenses, Worker Salaries & Marketing Campaigns
  • 1 million will be locked for pools’ liquidity (Token listing price: US$0.08 & $14millions: Total amount to be used for listing liquidity)


The rise of DeFi in 2020 took the crypto world by storm. The first quarter of 2021 was a busy time for the DeFI community. From January 1st to March 31st, the ‘Total Value Locked’ (TVL), or the amount of capital that is being held in reserve,

DeFi protocols have grown in value from around $16 billion to over $49 billion. Among the

The increased transparency of the DeFi market is one of the key reasons for its appeal.

They believe that large institutions have helped to convert it into a crowdfunding platform

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have progressed to the platform stage (ICOs).

At the same time, a handful of DeFi assets have continued to function admirably. According to Messari data, the value of at least 74 DeFi assets has surged by more than 100% since the beginning of the year. Seven of these assets have seen a 1000 per cent growth in value.

Finally, the next phase of DeFi should make the sector more accessible to regular consumers while also increasing confidence through improved protocol and product transparency that highlights hazards to users. For the time being, DeFi protocols and devices will be scrutinized by policymakers and regulators to ensure that no excessive harm is caused, particularly to retail customers.

The 123swap platform is largely self-funded and requires project governance. As a result, the majority of the tokens will be sold during the pre-sale. The public and venture capitalists will have equal rights. The platform enables non-custodial services with the highest levels of security, simplicity, and convenience. It allows users to see all of the swap offers gathered from major crypto exchanges in one convenient location.

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